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INVT's small room precision air conditioner ranges from 5.5kW to 32kW, is a special precision cooling for small and medium-sized server rooms, power distribution rooms, battery rooms, communication base stations and other places, providing indoor environment temperature and humidity and cleanliness control. Fluorine pump free cooling and water cooling solution are also available.
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Energy Efficient

• Large air volume, small enthalpy difference, high sensible heat ratio design, to meet the temperature control needs of the server room.

• High energy-efficient compressor with electronic expansion valve as standard for fast response and more accurate flow adjustment.

• High efficiency backward tilting centrifugal fan with low energy consumption and high air volume to ensure uniform temperature and humidity distribution in the server room.

• The use of high-efficiency internally threaded copper tubes and hydrophilic layer-plated open-window aluminum fin evaporators for higher heat transfer efficiency.

• Outdoor fan with infinitely adjustable speed control, matching condensing pressure operation, energy saving and noise reduction.

• Standard with electrode humidifier, higher humidification efficiency and wider application range.

Safe and reliable

• Use of rigorously certified, high-quality devices to enhance reliability.

• Products are subjected to rigorous and repeated testing and verification, with high standards required for high quality delivery.

• 365 x 24 hours non-stop operation, long life design and low maintenance costs.

• Ultra-wide grid adaptability to avoid frequent start/stop of air conditioners.

• Highly efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A as standard.

• Threaded quick coupling design for no welding on site.

Intelligent control

• 4.3-inch true color touch screen, multi-level password authority, system self-test diagnostic function, more intelligent.

• Comprehensive monitoring and display of power supply voltage, frequency, phase sequence, cooling capacity, air volume, temperature and humidity curve and other key information, real-time control of the normal state of the system.

• Up to 64 air conditioners can be rotated patrol group control to achieve scheduled rotation, fault rotation, cascading, demand synchronization, anti-competitive operation, etc.

• Support power-on self-start and timer on/off functions, easy to manage air conditioners.

• Local storage of not less than 1000 history records, easy to view and trace.

• Standard RS485 interface, support optional SNMP interface.


• Standard with electrode humidifier, support optional wet film humidifier.

• 100% full frontal maintenance and more flexible installation.

• Support optional upper pipe / upper drainage to meet the needs of different scenarios.

• Support AC/EC fans optional according to actual needs.

• Optional dual power input.

• A variety of air supply methods to meet a variety of applications.

• Optional phase tolerance function to better protect the power of air conditioners.

ConfigurationRefrigeration type / Constant Temp&Humidity type
Total cooling capacitykW5.57.512.51720.5
Sensible heat ratioW/W0.
Refrigerant TypeR410A
Expansion valve TypeElectronic expansion valve
Air volumem3/h20002300320050005500
Heating capacitykW33366
Humidification capacitykg/h33333
Grid type-220V/50Hz380V/50Hz
Refrigeration type A10.514.910.814.314.6
full load current
Constant Temp&Hum typeA232518.22020
full load current
Outdoor unit
Air volumem3/h28003500500070007000
Grid type -220V/50Hz

3C.png——China Compulsory Certification

VCA020 3C证书【有效期至2027.6.26】_page-0002.jpg     VCA012 3C证书【有效期至2027.6.26】_page-0002.jpg

节能.png——Energy Conservation Certification

VCA020 节能证书【有效期至2027.6.26】_page-0002.jpg     VCA012 节能证书【有效期至2027.5.24日】_page-0002.jpg

CRAA.png——China Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry Association

空调CRAA英文证书【有效期至2026年7月20日】_page-0001.jpg     空调CRAA英文证书【有效期至2026年7月20日】_page-0002.jpg

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