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INVT's Single Row Data Center is modular-designed and the power supply and distribution system, precision cooling and dynamic environment monitoring system into cabinet with closed hot and cold aisles.It takes 4-6 days for installation and can be easily and independently operated by anyone even without IT personnel. Support the IoT central monitoring platform and real-time PUE calculation. iWit is suitable for various data centers or edge computing data centers within 20-60m2, and has incomparable product advantages in harsh environment,such as coal mines, mining plants, oil plants, mountainous areas etc.
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Safe and reliable

• All components follow domestic and international standardized production standard to ensure product quality.

• Pre-installation, pre-commissioning and other process are controlled at various levels to ensure product installation and operation safe and reliable.

• Integrated design, improve overall system reliability.

• Intelligent pop-up door system ensure the continuous operation of the system effectively.

• Redundant design, integrated intelligent monitoring system, ensure the safe and reliable operation of the computer room.

High efficiency and energy saving

• Array/rack mount refrigeration, precise cooling, greatly improve cooling efficiency, compared with traditional computer room energy saving 25%.

• The system adapt N+X online high-efficiency modular UPS, equipped with intelligent sleep function making system save more energy.

• Remote operation and maintenance, human-free design, saving TCO.

• Closed hot and cold channels, cooling effectively, realize air inner circulation to reduce operating costs.

Rapid installation

• Engineering free design, suitable for various scenes, install rapidly.

• Modular design of power distribution, hot-swappable ,easy installation and maintenance.

• The system does not need special decoration treatment, the equipment is ready to use. Installation and commissioning cycle only need 4-6 hours.

• A single cabinet is a complete system, which can be easily and quickly expanded to 16 cabinets side by side.

Intelligent management

• Intelligently monitor power supply and environment status.

• Instant and real-time alarm through various ways(SMS, sound and light, e-mail,phone).

• The monitoring system is compatible with many parts(screen, remote APP, local LCD, remote WEB); friendly HMI.

• Provide kinds of interface(ModbusTCP, MQTT, SNMP), easy to system integration.

iWit  Series Integrated Cabinet Solution
   Enclosed Hot and Cold Aisle 
SystemSupporting IT CabinetsSupports 2 to 15  cabinets
Grid  systemSingle  phase220Vac,50Hz,  1Ph+N+PE
3 phase
380Vac, 50Hz,  3Ph+N+PE
Ambient  temperature-20-45
IP  ClassIP5X
Altitude1000m,  >1000m need to be derated
CabinetDimension(W*D*H)600*1400*2000mm(Does  not include casters)
Display10.1 inches color  capacitive touch screen
Atmosphere  lampFront multi-color  light
Lighting  methodFront and rear LED
Cable  entryTop and bottom
Access  control systemFingerprint +  IC&ID card +Password
Emergency  modeEmergency pop-up door  system
Power Supply and Distribution SystemDistribution  moduleTotal  input current63-200A
Lightning protectionClass C
Input voltageSingle  phase220Vac,50Hz,  1Ph+N+PE
3 phase
380Vac, 50Hz,  3Ph+N+PE
Power distributionSingle  phase in and single phase out or
Three phase in and single  phase out or
Three  phase in and three phase out
BatteryBuilt-in battery or  external battery cabinet
PDUStandard typeIEC socket*2pcs, 16  ports (13*10A+3*16A)
Intelligent typeOptional for 24 ports
Cooling SystemPower supply modeMains power supply
Cooling  capacity3.7-25kW
Installation  methodRock or column  distribution
Inlet  and outlet methodOutlet  in front and inlet in back
Compressor  typeFrequency conversion
Monitoring SystemSupervision systemIntelligent  integrated monitoring host
Standard power distribution collection
Environment  monitoringSmoke sensor*1addable
Temperature&humidity sensor*1optional
Water leakage sensor*1
Infrared detectoroptional
Other  deviceSMS alarm optional
Audible and Visual Alarmoptional

CE.png——CE Certification

(iWit)CE-EMC证书_page-0001.jpg     iWit Series   (LVD)_page-0001.jpg

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