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The cooling systems range from 12.5-62.7kW, full-cabinet width for 42.8-62.7kW, and half-cabinet width for 12.5-30.8kW. full frequency conversion, high return air temperature design, it can satisfy teamwork networking up to 64 units. We have conventional outdoor units for 25-60kW indoor units choosing, centralized outdoor units for 30-60kW indoor units choosing, and specialized outdoor units for 12.5kW indoor units. It can be used in high thermal-density data centers, various types of modular data centers, high thermal-density areas in small and medium-sized server rooms. Fluorine pump free cooling and water cooling solution are also available.
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Energy Efficient

• Large air volume, small enthalpy difference, high sensible heat ratio design, to meet the temperature control needs of the server room.

• High energy-efficient compressor with electronic expansion valve as standard for fast response and more accurate flow adjustment.

• High efficiency backward tilting centrifugal fan with low energy consumption and high air volume to ensure uniform temperature and humidity distribution in the server room.

• The use of high-efficiency internally threaded copper tubes and hydrophilic layer-plated open-window aluminum fin evaporators for higher heat transfer efficiency.

• Outdoor fan with infinitely adjustable speed control, matching condensing pressure operation, energy saving and noise reduction.

• Standard with electrode humidifier, higher humidification efficiency and wider application range.

Safe and reliable

• Use of rigorously certified, high-quality devices to enhance reliability.

• Products are subjected to rigorous and repeated testing and verification, with high standards required for high quality delivery.

• 365 x 24 hours non-stop operation, long life design and low maintenance costs.

• Ultra-wide grid adaptability to avoid frequent start/stop of air conditioners.

• Highly efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerant R410A as standard.

• Threaded quick coupling design for no welding on site.

Intelligent control

• 4.3-inch true color touch screen, multi-level password authority, system self-test diagnostic function, more intelligent.

• Comprehensive monitoring and display of power supply voltage, frequency, phase sequence, cooling capacity, air volume, temperature and humidity curve and other key information, real-time control of the normal state of the system.

• Up to 64 air conditioners can be rotated patrol group control to achieve scheduled rotation, fault rotation, cascading, demand synchronization, anti-competitive operation, etc.

• Support power-on self-start and timer on/off functions, easy to manage air conditioners.

• Local storage of not less than 1000 history records, easy to view and trace.

• Standard RS485 interface, support optional SNMP interface.


• Standard with electrode humidifier, support optional wet film humidifier.

• 100% full frontal maintenance and more flexible installation.

• Support optional upper pipe / upper drainage to meet the needs of different scenarios.

• Support AC/EC fans optional according to actual needs.

• Optional dual power input.

• A variety of air supply methods to meet a variety of applications.

• Optional phase tolerance function to better protect the power of air conditioners.

Unit Configuration-*Refrigeration type / Constant temperature&humidity type
Total cooling capacitykW12.525.530.842.851.562.7
Sensible cooling capacitykW12.525.530.842.851.562.7
Air volumem³/h28005000520085001050011500
Heating capacitykW34.54.566.56.5
Humidifying capacitykg/h1.533333
Power supply/380V
Outdoor unitUnitVCP018VCP038VCP045VCP056VCP076VCP088
Air volumem³/h50001200015000150002200028000
Fan Num.pcs211122

CE.png——CE Certification

In-row air conditioner - EMC Certification  5M220831.INPQU76_page-0001.jpg     In-row air conditioner - LVD Certification   5M220831.INPQU77_page-0001.jpg

3C.png——China Compulsory Certification

1 VCR012 3C证书【有效期至2027.4.19日】_page-0002.jpg

节能.png——Energy Conservation Certification

VCR012 节能证书【有效期至2027.5.24日】_page-0002.jpg     VCR060 节能证书【有效期至2027.6.26】_page-0002.jpg

CRAA.png——China Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry Association

空调CRAA英文证书【有效期至2026年7月20日】_page-0001.jpg     空调CRAA英文证书【有效期至2026年7月20日】_page-0002.jpg

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