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INVT's large room precision air conditioner ranges from 25kW to 120kW,is special for large-scale server room, traditional server room, Large-scale data centers, high heat density data center and other places to provide internal environmental temperature and humidity and cleanliness control. It is used to ensure that cabinet equipment, server equipment, etc. have a reasonable temperature and humidity operating environment. Fluorine pump free cooling and water cooling solution are also available.
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High efficiency and energy saving

• Adopt the design of large air volume, small enthalpy difference and high sensible heat ratio. V or A shape evaporator, high heat exchange efficiency. High-precision electronic expansion valve, precise regulation of refrigerant flow.

• EC fan with real-time adjustment of airflow output according to the demand.

• Inverter outdoor fan, adjust speed according to change of system pressure, operating efficiently.

• Use R410A green refrigerant, in line with international green refrigerant requirements.

• Hermetic scroll compressor for higher efficiency and more stable operation.

Safe and reliable

• The main components adopt international famous brands

  Copeland compressors

  Fans-tech or Ziehl-Abegg EC fan

  LS circuit breaker

  Schneider contactors

  Standard G4 filter

• 365 x 24 hours uninterrupted operation, long service life and low maintenance cost.

• Intelligent monitoring of air conditioner power supply voltage, frequency and three-phase unbalance.

• Double electric control box design, strong and weak electrical isolation to avoid signal disturbance.

• The products have been tested and verified, high standard requirements, high quality delivery.

Intelligent management

• Standard 10-inch color capacitive touch screen.

• Standard RS485 interface and SNMP interface.

• Support temperature and humidity curve display and graphic status display.

• More than 2000 historical alarm information storage.

• Use CAN communication to do network group control.

LCD screen with IOT & intelligent monitoring

10-inch color touch screen with new display style.
Support IOT and intelligent data monitoring.
Provide users intuitive display while reducing human fault.
Record maximum 2000 history logs.


• Optional water leakage detector, front-up flow kit.

• Optional built-in low-temperature component.

• Support upflow supply, top front supply and downflow supply, which can be flexibly selected according to the actual application requirements.

Air supply me-Upflow Supply/Downflow Supply
Total cooling capacitykW27.531.
Sensible cooling capacitykW25.828.335.138.039.946.0
Air volumem³/h8000900011000120001250013500
Heating capacitykW666999
Humidification capacitykg/h666101010
Compressor number-111111
Compressor type-Enclosed scroll compressor
Fan number-111111
Fan type-EC backward tilting centrifugal fan
Power supply type-380V/50Hz  3N~
Full load currentA424548485656
Indoor unit size
Indoor unit weightkg320325350370450470
   Outdoor unit model

ModelUnitVCA050(Dual  Sys.)VCA060(Dual  Sys.)VCA070(Dual  Sys.)VCA080(Dual  Sys.)VCA090(Dual  Sys.)VCA100(Dual  Sys.)
Air supply me-Upflow Supply/Downflow Supply
Total cooling capacitykW51.262.476.080.091.2100.0
Sensible cooling capacitykW44.556.670.376.079.892.0
Air volumem³/h135001800022000240002500027000
Heating capacitykW999121212
Humidification capacitykg/h101010101010
Compressor number-222222
Compressor type-Enclosed scroll compressor
Fan number-122222
Fan type-EC backward tilting centrifugal fan
Power supply type-380V/50Hz  3N~
Full load currentA607078788888
Indoor unit size
Indoor unit weightkg550600650690850880
   Outdoor unit model

节能.png——Energy Conservation Certification

VCA100 节能证书【有效期至2027.6.26】_page-0002.jpg   VCA035 节能证书【有效期至2027.6.26】_page-0002.jpg

CRAA.png——China Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry Association

空调CRAA英文证书【有效期至2026年7月20日】_page-0001.jpg   空调CRAA英文证书【有效期至2026年7月20日】_page-0002.jpg

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