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INVT's Rack Cooling System ranges from 3.7kW to 12.5kW, which includes the integrated type and split-type. Precisely adjust the system refrigerant flow and achieve proximal cooling, providing precise temperature control to cool single racks of IT equipment without the need for any additional cooling systems. addresses the escalating demand for rack-based cooling for micro data centers and edge computing. Fluorine pump free cooling and water cooling solution are also available except the 3.7kW integraged type.
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Safe and reliability

• Mainstream brands are used for key components, making operation more stable and reliable.

• Using R410A green refrigerant, in line with international green refrigerant requirements.

• Standard with RS485 interface, support remote centralized control, call self-starting, timed power on and off.

• Advanced microprocessor controller with multi-level password protection to prevent misuse.

High efficiency and energy saving

• Standard EC fan, lower noise, better airflow organization, accurate automatic control of airflow output.

• High-efficiency DC inverter compressor, real-time adaptation to changes in heat load in the cabinet, infinitely adjustable refrigeration capacity.

• Equipped with electronic expansion valve to quickly and precisely adjust the system refrigerant flow, saving 30% energy compared with traditional expansion valve.

• Adopt large area "V" shape evaporator design, make heat exchange faster and more efficient.

Diversified configuration

• Covering multiple cooling range segments, suitable for different power cabinet applications.

• Standard configuration of the upflow supply and horizontal airflow supply, optional front air supply form.

• A wide variety of options.

High adaptability

• Rack-mounted pull-out design for easy handling and maintenance.

• Support single cabinet and multi-cabinet cooling applications, support cabinet online expansion, business without interruption.

• Compact structure, effectively reducing the occupation of valuable U space in the cabinet.

• Working power supply supports 50/60Hz voltage frequency, more flexible configuration.

• Standard models are suitable for outdoor ambient temperature -20~45℃, and optional low temperature components are available to meet outdoor temperature as low as -40℃.

Unit configuration-Constant  TempConstant  Temp&HumConstant  TempConstant  Temp&HumConstant  TempConstant  Temp&HumConstant  Temp
Total cooling capacitykW3.
Sensible cooling capacitykW3.
Air volumem3/h7007001350135023002300700
Sensible heat ratio%100100100100100100100
Heating capacity kW1122331
Humidification capacity kg/h-0.5-0.5-0.5-
Compressor type /DC frequency conversion-
Full load currentA13.513.628.628.8292913
Unit weightkg26273536474958
Unit widthmm440440440440440440440
Unit depthmm800800800800800800970
Unit heightmm219(5U)219(5U)310(7U)310(7U)440(10U)440(10U)350(8U)

CE.png——CE Certification

Rack air conditioner - EMC Certification 5M220831.INPQU74_page-0001.jpg     Rack air conditioner - LVD Certification 5M220831.INPQU75_page-0001.jpg

3C.png——China Compulsory Certification

2 VCS007  3C证书【有效期至:2026年12月22日】_page-0002.jpg     3 VCS012  3C证书【有效期至:2026年12月22日】_page-0002.jpg

节能.png——Energy Conservation Certification

VCS007 节能证书【有效期至2027.1.26日】_page-0002.jpg     VCS012 节能证书【有效期至2027.1.26日】_page-0002.jpg

CRAA.png——China Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Industry Association

空调CRAA英文证书【有效期至2026年7月20日】_page-0001.jpg     空调CRAA英文证书【有效期至2026年7月20日】_page-0002.jpg

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